Kennel History

In 1970 we bought our first 2 Manchestter Terriers: Lady Bonny of the Manchester Ratters and Lord Buddy of the Manchester Ratters. With these 2 we bred our first Litter in 1971 and since then we had a lot of descendants from them. We still breed with lots of succes out of these old bloodlines. We are proud that a lot of them are Champions but we also prefere good Characters and Health.

From the litter we bred in 1976 (Father: Corduroy’s Emperor Mother: Lady Bonny of the Manchester Ratters) we kept ourselves a dog: Corduroy’s Leander who has been very important for our kennel.. This dog was also used in Germany and was the father of Multi Champ.Shantal von Oranienstein and Multi Champ.Ulan Duke von Oranienstein.

In 1987 Leander mated our bitch Lana von Oranienstein en from this litter we kept a bitch Corduroy’s Bijou. A grandchild of her was Multi Champ.Corduroy’s Born to to win (passed away).


Corduroy’s Born to Win

We had several litters with Corduroy’s Born to Win and we still have two daughters of her: Multi Champ.Corduroy’s Gwendolyn and Multi Champ. Corduroy’s Kiss of Angel. From one litter of Corduroy’s Gwendolyn we sold a bitch to our friend J. Smolders-Reder: Corduroy’s Oh so Pretty.

On April 26th Velvet Looks Amazing Magic April was born and she came to live with us. In August 2019 we sold a Puppy of her to Australië: Corduroy’s Undisputed.

On May 9th we had a litter from Corduroy’s Kiss of Angel and Thunder Dragon Declan and there was a boy (Corduroy’s Nolan) and a girl (Corduroy’s Save and Honoust). The boy lives with our daughter and we kept the girl. So at the moment we have 4 bitches: Trouble, Jasmin, April and Bonny. 

In 2021 we kept a boy from Corduroy’s Save and Hounoust X Ulysses Grant von Mainhattan, Corduroy’s X-ray Lord Mountbatten (Viggo). He lives with a very nice lady in Rotterdam. In 2022 we kept a girl from the same combination: Corduroy’s Zafira (Fira) but that same year we lost both Trouble and Jasmin.